The Sandbox

Amnesia, Art, Healing

Coming soon...a book! 


In early 2013 I began to, what at the time felt like, fall apart. Looking back, I would say that an unconscious journey had begun inside me to heal. The journey was triggered by an obsession, a sudden switch and change in my state of mind that took me to places inside not, for a very long time, well understood. It also sparked the beginning of an enormous amount of writing. 

This book is my story of how I've healed considerably from long standing amnesia, how I found myself in pieces and many thousands of pages. And how I put those pieces and those pages eventually together. 

This is not a how-to but rather a journey told from the inside out. It is about the difficult, imperfect but ultimately healing path the human heart will take us on if we let it. 

7/31/2018: Update: A draft of The Sandbox has been completed! More to follow soon. :) 

9/14/18: Whoever said (did someone say?) that writing is re-writing was right! Anyway, I continue on this road, learning even more as I go. :)

11/2/18: One third through the re-write and dare I say I’m…having fun (nah, couldn’t be.) Stay tuned! :)

12/4/18: Still at it…a tiny sample…Chapter One.