The Sandbox

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Waves on and off of embarrassment and shame for sharing the website with someone I actually know. But in order for life to move forward I do need to try things though—go out on a limb—and this seemed like a pretty safe limb. 

I got tired of the paid for campaign and turned that off. I want to see what happens organically and if I’m feeling lonely or whatever the feeling is that drives me to it, I’ll turn the campaign back on again. 

I think it’s been off though because I basically have mixed feelings about giving myself away for free—not to mention actually paying for it. Reminds of my therapy with Eileen—paying to entertain her. 

Which reminds me…need to check the licensing board’s system…need to see if she’s officially renewed her license.


It’s renewed…and current. 



How do you feel?


I’m…in shock.