The Sandbox

Amnesia, Art, Healing


Dissociative amnesia is the loss of memory--for days or years--due to trauma. It is a condition that lives along a spectrum of dissociative disorders. And it is one that I have suffered and am recovering from. 

In the context of psychological diagnosis, dissociation is the mind's way of forcing deep forgetting and compartmentalization in an effort to survive.  Unlike many other serious psychological disorders, dissociation is a natural human response to an unnatural and unbearable situation.

The Sandbox is my process for healing this condition.  

It has also been my process for healing the pain and confusion of damaging psychotherapy.

I am presently working on completing a book so thank you for visiting and please stay tuned!


A heart that is melting

Continues to grow

Oceans are made

From the melting of snow

Fear not the fire

That melts all this ice

You will be rewarded

More than once--more than twice.